99Designs VS Design Pickle

99Designs Vs Design Pickle
99Designs Vs Design Pickle

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99Designs VS Design Pickle

99Designs Vs Design Pickle: You’re looking for graphic design services, and you’ve decided to go with either Design Pickle or 99Designs, but you aren’t quite sure which one is the best fit for you. Lucky for you we have used both services (and love them both!). Compare the two below to help you make the right choice for your design needs.

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99Designs is a contest based graphic design service so if you are looking for a one-off service for say a logo or a t-shirt design, then 99Designs would be your best bet. You can also choose to work one on one with your chosen designer. Contests average 7 days, though you can pay extra if you need the design fast.

Design Pickle is a subscription service where you pay a monthly fee and get unlimited design services with unlimited revisions. If you have ongoing design needs or need graphic design daily to run your company or business, then Design Pickle may be just what the doctor ordered.


99Designs Pricing

99Design pricing starts from $279 for a stationary design, all the way up to thousands for designs from elite designers. There are also extras you can throw in like:

Feature: Bump your contest to the top of the list. Get 40% more designs for $109.

Highlight: Highlight your contest in orange to make it stand out. Get 15% more designs for $25.

Blog: List your contest on the blog. Reach 10,000+ designers daily and get 15% more designs for $25.

Invitation only: Only allow designers that you personally invite to your contest for $25.

Private contest: By choosing this option, your design contest won’t be visible outside of 99designs.

  • Keeps your contest and designs out of Google (and other) search engine results
  • Requires designers to sign a confidentiality agreement

White label presentation: Share designs with your clients and incorporate their feedback easily – all under your own brand for $65.

Duration: Standard contests run for 7 days and bear no cost. If you want your design sooner, you can pay an extra $55 to receive your design in 3 days, an extra $79 for designs in 2 days, and an extra $109 for designs needed in 24 hours.

Design Pickle Pricing

Design Pickle pricing ranges from:

Standard: $370 per month

Pro: $995 per month

Design Quality

99Designs has some of the best quality designers from all around the world. I have used the service for design contests, as well as one on one, and the designers are professional, timely, and create amazingly high-quality graphic design and illustrations.

If you are concerned about the quality of Design Pickle designers, don’t be. The designs you receive are high quality, creative and beautiful. They really do take the time to fulfil your brief, and if you need any changes, they are totally cool with it. They offer unlimited revisions till you are happy.

Below are some designs created by Design Pickle:

Design Pickle
Design Pickle


Language Barrier

99Designs have designers from all over the world. Some of the designers have limited English, though it has never impacted my ability to communicate what I needed, or to obtain the designs I wanted. This may be advantageous if you wanted to communicate with a designer in a certain language.

Overall Thoughts

As stated before, I have used both services and love them both, though there are some clear distinctions between the two. If you love the idea of having several designers create designs in a design contest for you, 99Designs is for you. If you need ongoing design services and don’t have the budget for ongoing 99Designs contests, then Design Pickle is your best fit.

99Designs VS Design Pickle
99Designs VS Design Pickle


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