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Good Translators

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The Best  Translator Apps

Good translators

As the name indicates, a translation app or software program translates text content from one language to another. There are some good translation websites, such as Google Translate, Bing Translate, and others. Although they work well for most languages, they come with a few downsides. So, in today’s article, we will offer our list of the best translator apps. Read on! is a service offered by Microsoft. Using the tool, you can translate text from and to 90 different languages. The tool allows users to use keyboards or voices to enter the text as well as read and listen to the translation. 

In case you need a human translator or reviewer, Microsoft allows the first 100 words of translation for free. You can access this feature by clicking the contact icon or create an account and then sign in. 

Bing Translator

One of the most effective translators, Bing uses Microsoft Translator technology. You can either choose the input language or let the tool detect the language while you type words automatically. 

Just like, the Bing translator also allows you to use the feature of voice to text. So, if you have enabled the MIC, you can start speaking, and the tool will convert it into text and then translate it into your chosen language. The translator supports over 60 languages. 

Google Translate

Google is revolutionizing the world of AI and machine learning. Google Translate is the most popular service that supports over 100 languages. The tool offers the “Edit” option, which means you can edit the translation if you think it is not correct. 

Google Translate offers more space for the text and lets you switch from the keyboard to handwriting to voice. You can use other features offered by Google Translate. For example, you can save, listen to, share, and copy the translated text. Some users say that it is one of the good translators for Spanish. 

DeepL Translate

DeepL Translator is a free tool that allows you to translate your texts to different languages. It is one of the good translators for French because it uses world-leading and powerful neural network technology. 

Besides French, it supports other languages, such as English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Chinese, and Japanese. In translation from English to French, DeepL scores higher than other tools like Google and Microsoft. 


When it comes to choosing good translation websites, you can’t ignore ImTranslator. It is an excellent website for translations and comparisons. People use it to get a simple translation for different languages. You can also use it for back-translation or comparison between Microsoft, Google, and other translators. 

The most interesting feature of the tool is the “Back Translation, which allows for automatic translation of the translated text to the original. Thus, you can compare the text for accuracy.

The Best Translators: Final Words 

There are various translation tools available on the internet. However, not all of them provide accurate results, especially if you are translating text other than Spanish, French, or German. AI technology, machine learning, and neural networks are advancing day-by-day, and we hope to get more optimal tools in the future. 

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