Hire An Illustrator 2020

Hire An Illustrator

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Hire an Illustrator

There’s a common misconception that illustrators help authors and not business owners. The fact is, if you already have a graphic designer then an illustrator’s work can be complementary and enhance your brand elements. Illustrators create exceptional visual elements to any writing, website, or creative projects. If you want to improve your brand, here are several websites where you can hire an illustrator.

Hire an illustrator online

Hiring an illustrator online is easy with a huge range of websites to choose from. Click the links below to find the perfect illustrator for your project.

List of illustrators

Do it yourself and ready made illustration

Upwork – A common freelance marketplace

Upwork is one of the most popular places to hire an illustrator or design specialist freelancer. They charge 3% per transaction to buyers, which might be considered a bit expensive. However, Upwork protects your payment, so you’ll receive your money back if your freelancer does not deliver or meet up to expectations. There’s also a review system that makes it easy to compare freelance illustrators.

99designs – Has many illustrators to choose from

With 99designs you can compare illustrators two distinct ways. You can either hire an illustrator based on their portfolio, and then select one for you task. Alternatively, you can host a design contest and select an illustrator that creates work you enjoy. There’s also a 100% money back guarantee. As 99designs has a wide variety of designers ready to complete your task, you won’t run out of options while comparing illustrators.

Fiverr – Might result in cost savings

Fiverr has an assortment of illustrators within several price ranges from around the world. They charge a service fee of $2 for projects under $40, or 5% for projects over that amount. It’s a good way to save money, if you find a good freelance illustrator with a straightforward project package.

Dribble – Find an illustrator using hiring services

Dribble is another option for finding an illustrator. Their search functions make it simple to find a designer based on your needs. Plus, you can post your illustration jobs and hire an applicant or hire someone you find by searching. If you want to make finding a designer easy on Dribble, you can even take advantage of the site’s hiring services. Their team will match you with illustrators that have experience working with people in your field.

Designmodo – Buy ready-made illustrations

Designmodo is a little different from the other options on this list. Instead of selecting an illustrator that meets your needs, you’re able to purchase readymade illustrations. It’s a good choice if you know exactly what you need but would prefer not to create a custom illustration.

Design Pickle – Hire an illustrator for a fixed monthly price

If you’re searching for an option where you don’t need to compare freelancers or pay additional fees for extra services, you’ll enjoy Design Pickle. You pay one flat-rate monthly fee and are matched with an illustrator that understands your business. You can even make unlimited requests, which is perfect if you have extensive illustration needs.

Which Illustration Marketplace Works Best for You?

As you can tell, there are several ways to locate illustrators online. These are the top six options that we prefer. Some make it easy to search for and review portfolios of designers from around the world. Register for a few sites and get a feel for the talent levels and prices of illustrators on different websites. Once you find a platform that meets your needs, you’ll have an easy time hiring an illustrator with exceptional design skills.

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