Placeit {2020 Review of Envato Mockups, Templates, & Logo Maker}

Placeit Review

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Product design, marketing, sales, and mockups are important elements for eCommerce merchants. People running an eCommerce website often feel the pressure to develop excellent product mockups. However, with the right strategy and selecting the right tool like Placeit by Envato, they can transform their ideas into money-making reality. 

Do you want to boost your eCommerce business? Well, you need to focus on web design, logo design, product mockups, marketing, and video production. If you don’t have the expertise, then people recommend using Placeit by Envato, but is it that good? Let’s find out in this article. Read on! 

How does Envato Placeit work? 

Envato’s acquisition of Placeit is a breakthrough in the online world, especially for digital marketers and eCommerce site owners. Envato Placeit is a simple and smart mockup and logo tool, which can be used by anyone for any occasion or business. You can buy items on the site individually or download them via a monthly or yearly subscription. 

If you are a professional, skillful, and experienced designer, the company will consider your items for sale. Thus, you can become an elements author. Envato will select your items for Placeit based on what subscribers are looking for to buy.  

Placeit by Envato offers icons, fonts, mockups, design templates, stock photos/videos, and motion graphic assets. All these items are actively sought Envato Placeit. When you buy from the Placeit, you can use the designs on any other platform that you choose for marketing, advertising, or commercial purposes. 

Design templates and mockups are available in PNG format. YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media files are also available in PNG format. Envato Placeit has all videos available in Mp4 Format and logo files in PNG format. 

Clothing Mockups

Placeit Pricing

Although you can purchase items individually, eCommerce experts that use the site recommend monthly or yearly subscription. The monthly plan starts from $14.95, and the yearly one is $99.95. When you subscribe to Envato Placeit, you will get access to all mockups, design templates, logos, and videos. 

The company will automatically renew your monthly subscription every period. However, there is no minimum commitment, which means you can cancel your subscription at any time. 


  • Over 19,000 mockups
  • 10,000+ design templates
  • 3,000+ logo templates
  • 900+ video animation makers 
  • No design skills required
  • All mockups, logos, and templates are professionally made
  • Unlimited subscription at the most competitive prices


  • No integration features and advanced editing 
  • No GIF support and cropping feature
  • Many images are outdated

Placeit Review: Conclusion

Placeit by Envato is an excellent resource for eCommerce site owners and retailers. It offers them a convenient and easy way to create product mockups, especially for clothing. Also, if you need a professional logo but can’t pay hundreds of dollars to a freelancer, you can design it yourself using quick and easy-to-use templates. 

Digital marketers are focusing on video marketing. By 2030, 87% of online marketing will use videos. For instance, over 500 million hours of YouTube videos are watched every day by viewers. With over 900 video templates and thousands of stock videos on Envato Placeit, you can create a professional promotion video to attract more clients. 

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