Review Of 99designs {2021 Verdict}

Review Of 99designs

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Review Of 99designs

If you’re in the market for a graphic designer, you may have come across the site And if you did, you probably asked: is 99designs worth it? Today we’re going to discuss how the platform works and give you our honest opinion on whether it delivers the goods as promised.

So without further ado, let’s get up close and personal with our review of 99designs.

What Is 99designs?

A lot of people on the hunt for a quality graphic or web designer have come across 99designs. Essentially, it’s a platform where you can connect with professionals in the design field. These freelancers can help you with everything from illustrations to designing your logo to creating a killer website.

The process goes something like this:

  1. You layout your project for potential designers. The 99designs site guides you through this process, suggesting elements like “youthful” or “literal” until you paint a very clear picture of what you envision. This feature helps them stand out from competitor sites and gives them, and you, an edge.
  2. You hire a designer who seems to fit your particular project.
  3. Communicate with your designer through detailed feedback until the project is completed to your liking.

Something this platform specializes in is logo design. One clever way they help you find the perfect logo is by holding a 99designs contest. In fact, this is how this platform got started. In this way, many top designers compete for the honor of having created the winning 99Designs logo.

99designs Pricing

Like most platforms of this type, there are a few different pricing options based on your intent and needs. Cost is also dependent on whether you go the route of 99designs contests or you hire an individual freelancer.

The packages are as follows:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

As you probably guessed, higher-priced packages include higher-ranked designers and more design concepts. Remember, you might be able to find a 99designs promo code to help with the cost.

99designs Pros & Cons

Honestly, there’s a lot to love when it comes to 99designs. Web design and logo design are definitely best left to the professionals. These things are the face of your brand or service and they help determine your online reputation.

Although they’re a bit pricey compared to some 99designs alternatives, the old adage about “getting what you pay for” certainly applies. Plus, there’s a money-back guarantee so you can purchase with confidence.


  • There are tons of high-quality freelancers bidding for your project
  • Intuitive site
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Blind contests
  • The projects have a fixed-bid so there are no surprises with cost
  • They help you clearly lay out your vision with a design brief


Overall, we can confidently recommend 99designs. The platform is an ingenious way to get you in touch with the best people freelancing right now. But just like anything else, there are always a few areas that could use some tweaking. In our opinion, these are the cons:

  • You can’t interview candidates
  • It’s a little pricey (but not unfair)
  • From a freelancer perspective – contests are a tough way to get paid

99designs VS The Competition

Since there are a lot of similar platforms out there, let’s take a look at how 99designs stacks up to some of the most popular competitors.

99designs VS Design Crowd

  • Design Crowd is less expensive
  • 99designs has more freelancers
  • Design Crowd is less consistent with quality
  • 99designs has more categories than Design Crowd

The winner? 99designs.

99designs VS Fiverr

  • Fiverr requires more research into freelancers as quality can be hit or miss
  • 99designs typically has higher quality freelancers overall
  • Fiverr is sometimes thought of as a “budget” platform – but you get what you pay for

The winner? 99designs.

99designs VS Designhill

  • Designhill’s site is less polished and impressive
  • Designhill is cheaper
  • Designhill offers both design and printing
  • 99designs user interface is superior

Although Designhill has some nice features, it’s not that much cheaper than 99designs. For the price, we still prefer 99designs over this competitor.

99designs VS Upwork

  • With Upwork, you sort through a lot of submissions and many are not quality
  • With Upwork, you have to communicate your vision verbally, but they don’t offer any guidance on how to accurately present your goal
  • With Upwork, you can negotiate the price with freelancers
  • 99designs specializes in design specifically

For design, we prefer 99designs.

99designs vs Crowdspring

99designs and Crowdspring are very similar. But Crowdspring is the one alternative that’s more expensive than 99designs. One other noteworthy difference is that 99designs gives you a 60-day-guarantee to claim your refund while Crowdspring only gives you 30. The clear winner for us is still 99designs.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Let’s go over some of the most frequently asked questions to see if we can further clarify whether 99designs is the right platform for you.

What does 99designs offer besides logos?

Let’s take a look at some things you might get besides a brand new logo:

  • 99designs book cover
  • A custom iOS App
  • Brand identity pack
  • 99designs brand guide
  • Poster
  • 99designs business card
  • Beverage label
  • Product packaging
  • Magazine cover
  • T-Shirt
  • 99designs website design

Why should I hire a graphic designer – can’t I do it?

While it’s certainly possible that you might have the skills, unless you’re an expert in this field, it’s best to hand the baton to a professional. The image of your brand or service is not an area where you want to skimp. An unprofessional or unpolished site or logo sends the wrong message and harms your reputation.

How do I find freelancers on 99designs?

Conveniently, the 99designs Project Managers assist you with this. As we said, the site is very user friendly and intuitive.

99designs Review: Final Thoughts

Now that you’re familiar with what 99designs has to offer, your head might be spinning from all the possibilities. And that’s a good thing! Whether you’re looking to refresh your website, design an eye-catching new logo, or sell some merchandise, 99designs is a great resource.

Not only can you use this platform to connect with top-level talent all across the globe, but the intuitive interface also allows you to clearly and beautifully express your vision to the freelancer of your choosing. Overall, we found 99designs to be the clear winner among these types of resources. Although it does require an investment, the final product is absolutely worth it and pays for itself in the long run.

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