Squarespace Review {2020 Ecommerce, Email, Website Builder & More}

Squarespace Review

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Squarespace Review

Squarespace is an online website builder that offers over 100 templates for eCommerce, blogging, and business websites. All templates are mobile-friendly, responsive, and fast-loading. Squarespace offers exceptional customer support via live chat service. 

The platform offers built-in tools, which are beneficial for small business owners, affiliate marketers, bloggers, and eCommerce. It also provides PayPal and G Suite integration features as well as eCommerce solutions, SEO tools, and social media integration. 

The most interesting thing about Squarespace is its drag-and-drop features. It means you don’t need any web design or coding skills. The latest version of the website builder allows you to further customize your site. But, is Squarespace worth your money? Let’s find out!

How does Squarespace work? 

Primarily based on a drag-and-drop feature, Squarespace website builder provides a modern, clean, and easy-to-use user interface. The UI is easy-to-navigate and uncluttered, which allows the user to make quick and effective editing of the website. 

The platform is an excellent resource for people who want to make money online via their websites. You can add product pages easily to start selling immediately. 

Using the app, you can sell anything on your websites, such as physical goods, affiliate products, info products, and services. Squarespace allows you to add a shopping cart to your page with each product having its own URL and page. 

The website builder has a wide range of features such as modern templates, style editor, built-in mobile sites, responsive image loader, and drag-and-drop management. Other essential features include:

  • Template switching 
  • Gallery blocks
  • Dropbox file synchronization
  • Audio collection and social links 
  • Automatic image scaling
  • Direct editing and site annotations
  • Custom HTML and CSS

Is it good for eCommerce?

Squarespace eCommerce is a fully-integrated solution, along with a strong site builder. You can choose a variety of templates and themes for your eCommerce site. There is no need for paying transaction fees as well as you can easily connect PayPal or Stripe to process payments. More interestingly, eCommerce site builders can add both payment methods. 

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace is an excellent site builder that offers three product options. The pricing is simple and does not involve any hassle. We recommend trying the 14-day trial before purchasing the full-featured product. Squarespace will bill all products monthly or annually. Here are the package options:

PersonalStarting at $12 per month
BusinessStarting at $26 per month
Online Stores BasicStarting at $26 per month
Online Stores AdvancedStarting at $40 per month

Squarespace Alternatives

Some of the best alternatives to Squarespace website builders are:

AlternativeBest Feature
WeeblySimple and easy User Interface
WIXPerfect Templates and Designs
ShopifyeCommerce Touchstone
WordPressProfessional Blogging


  • Outstanding Squarespace templates and designs for desktop and mobile devices
  • Mobile apps that allow for page editing, blog posts, and eCommerce functions. 
  • Restore deleted pages with 30 days
  • Built-in SEO tools 
  • Affordable prices 


  • Use only built-in features
  • Too much manual editing

Review Of Squarespace: Final Words 

In conclusion, we recommend Squarespace to people who want a professional blog, eCommerce store, or company site. Squarespace offers a 10% “discount” on all its monthly and annual plans. Don’t forget to use a special Squarespace promo code to save more. Many sites offer promo codes but make sure you choose a reliable one. Good Luck!

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