What Is A Newsletter? {What Should A Newsletter Contain? 2020}

What Is A Newsletter?

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What is a newsletter?

In general, a newsletter is an electronic or printed report that conveys a message of the company to its customers or subscribers. It may also talk about an upcoming event, launch of a new product or service, and updates. 

If you are running a company, then you may need newsletters to send periodic updates, promotions, news, and events communicated to your employees or customers. It either comes in electronic or print form. 

Newsletters help get the attention of prospects and manage ongoing relationships with existing customers. It can improve your brand value and help you engage and retain customers. Let us elaborate on newsletters. Read on!

What makes a good newsletter?

A good newsletter should include the following things. 

Audience segmentation: Segmentation allows you to customize your messaging. For example, you can send different emails to targeted customers at the top of the sales funnel than those at the bottom. 

Informative content: Avoid self-promotion and focus on providing relevant content to the customers that educate them. An excellent newsletter contains informative content that focuses on the interest of the customers. Experts recommend 90% informative content and 10% promotional content. 

Design and Layout: A template design meets your company or marketing requirements is what makes a good newsletter. Popular email services are Constant Contact and MailChimp that offer a wide range of customizable designs. Focus on the company’s logo, font style, colors, etc. to give a professional look to your newsletters. 

Call to Action: Call to action or CTA has a direct link to sales and suggests that the readers subscribe to newsletters, which contain information about products and services. Call to action is an integral part of a marketing-type newsletter and comes in handy with electronic newsletters.  

What should a newsletter contain?

If you want to engage your leads and customers successfully, then you have to come up with a catchy newsletter. First, focus on the title and try to avoid complicated words. Instead of writing something like “ABC Mobile Phone Launch,” you should write, “ABC announced a 3rd generation phone with epic features” or something like that. 

After the title, you have to include a picture that showcases the purpose of the newsletter. It could be an infographic highlighting the features, or a big bold image of the product itself. It is always important to mention relevant information. 

For example, if you want the readers to learn about the new features of the product, then talk about them straightforwardly. Refrain from overly promoting the product. Let us remind you that the formula is 90% relevant content + 10% promotional content (Call to Action (CTA)). 

What is electronic newsletter?

Electronic newsletters refer to scheduled and recurring messages from businesses to their email subscribers. It is an email that conveys your company’s message. It is easy to create electronic newsletters using tools like MailChimp and Constant Contact

Before creating a newsletter, you need to figure out the goal of the newsletter and start gathering the relevant content you want to share. Next, you will need to design your template (MailChimp has thousands of templates) and set the size of your email newsletter. Then, write a catchy title, add content to the body section, and, if necessary, include some personalization. 

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