Why is my site not secure? SSL Certificate Help

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Why is my site not secure?

Why is my site not secure? Have you added an SSL certificate to your site, but the padlock is red instead of green? Or, there is no padlock on your secure site, or https not showing green? Why No Padlock? is a website dedicated to helping you find out why your website isn’t secure with a tool that helps you find the insecure items on any page.

All you need to do is type in the URL of the page you want to check, hit enter, and you will receive a report (like the image below) about:

  1. Insecure images, 3rd party calls, ccs and javascript
  2. Missing or invalid intermediate certificates and expired SSL certificates
  3. Insecure form calls, POODLE test, and SHA-1 Algorithm test

Helpful tips:

  1. Enter full https:// URL in the box
  2. Dynamic / query parameters are allowed to be entered
  3. The tool works with eCommerce websites also including Magento, WooCommerce, ShopSite and many more

Why is my site not fully secure?

Below is an example of the type of information you will receive after typing in your domain name:

Why no padlock? Why is my site insecure? Why is my site not secure?


Why do you need an SSL certificate anyway?

An SSL certificate is a secure sockets layer. They are vital for website security by allowing your browser to create a secure connection with your server making sure information is securely transferred.

An SSL certificate helps to stop information theft by encrypting the information you enter into a website, so the information is only readable by the intended party. If you run an E-commerce store, then you will be required by law in most countries to have an SSL certificate to protect the information of your customers. Having an SSL certificate creates a level of trust making potential customers feel confident their information is safe with you.

In July 2018, Google Chrome will be marking all HTTP sites as not secure which will adversely affect the ranking of these websites, so you better hop to it and encrypt your website today to make uncle Google happy.

Click here to head to Why No Padlock? to find out why your site is insecure.

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