WP Engine Review

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WP Engine Review: Managed WordPress Hosting with a Tight Focus

As WP Engine’s slick website states, a staggering 28 percent of all websites are built with user-friendly CMS platform WordPress — no small amount considering there are almost 2 billion active domains out there (as of September 2018).

WP Engine offers managed WordPress hosting across multiple packages, catering to businesses on varied budgets, though their expertise doesn’t exactly come at the most affordable rates.


WP Engine’s four packages (from cheapest to priciest) are:

  • Startup (from $35 per month)
  • Growth (from $115 p/m
  • Scale (from $290 p/m)
  • Custom (prices vary)

These deliver different levels of service depending on your business’s specific needs and model. Startup, for example, focuses on “all the basics for starting a small website or blog”, with one site, a choice of 35+ StudioPress themes and 50GB bandwidth.

Scale, on the other hand, begins with 15 sites and 400GB bandwidth. Custom is dedicated to big brands, but will be completely unnecessary for most SMEs.

While the prices are pretty high, they’re unlikely to be beyond the majority of budgets, especially in the Startup category.

WP Engine sweetens the pill with a risk-free 60 days and two months knocked off the price for an annual prepay. Whether you want to trust WP Engine with a year’s worth of funding straight from the off is up to you, but this is clearly a company that knows what it’s doing. 

What’s included in your WP Engine package?

Creating and managing content is simple, with WP Engine allowing you to compose posts and visuals easily. Plenty of plug-ins are compatible with the platform (such as WooCommerce and Shopify), though a small range are unavailable (due to potential performance issues they may cause).

SSL is included too, protecting your site to a high standard: WP Engine claims to block more than 2 million attacks each day.

WP Engine manages all updates for you and takes care of any technical issues that threaten your site’s performance. Each hosting plan offers site staging too, enabling you to build a duplicate of your live website for testing. You can tweak visuals, layout and more without affecting your actual domain.

WP Engine also migrates existing WordPress sites over to WP Engine’s servers at no extra charge. This could be a major highlight if money really is tight.

Businesses looking to WP Engine can expect premium service and top-level technical support; provided you have room in your budget, it’s a worthwhile ongoing investment.


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